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Marketing a home property is an incredibly important part of the sale process.  We consider it extremely important to stay on the cutting edge of technology in every aspect of marketing. Our proven marketing strategy will get the results you’re looking for when selling your house. Proper marketing creates demand, demand assures your home selling for the best price possible.  Here are a few of the ways we do that.


  1. Videos – We do video walkthroughs to give buyers a detailed look at every inch of your home before they step foot inside.  These videos are easily accessible to buyers on sites like MLS, Zillow, and
  2. High Quality Pictures – One of our goals is to get as many potential buyers into your house as possible; this helps increase the demand for your home.  A buyer’s decision on whether or not to go see a property is largely based on the pictures they see of the home.  That’s why we consider it extremely important to be sure the pictures representing your home are of the highest quality.  Each of our listings are captured by a professional architectural photographer.
  3. Social Media – Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are untapped resources for advertising real estate. While most Realtors ignore this form of marketing, we embrace it by promoting your listing to thousands of local perspective buyers.
  4. Door to Door Marketing – Sometimes finding a buyer can be as easy as knocking on someone’s door.  We make a point to go through the neighborhood and personally let them know about the home for sale near them.  A lot of times they will know someone who is looking to move and are excited to pass it on to them.
  5. Open Houses – We put a premium on offering multiple open houses weekly.  This allows buyers in the area to view the property easily & will help spread the word in the active real estate community. If a buyer walks through an open house with their realtor & it is not a good fit for that client the realtor might think of an alternative client that would be great fit for your home.
  6. MLS – The MLS is a marketplace where realtors & buyers can find homes for sale.  We don’t just list your home on the MLS & wait for activity; we apply all aspects of our marketing to your MLS listings (flyers, videos, pictures) so when people are searching through the MLS, your home stands out as not only the best option but the property with the most information on it.
  7. Print Media – Print media can help create a lasting impression on buyers coming in to view your house.  We distribute premium flyers showing off your property at all our open houses & throughout the neighborhood.


If you’re thinking about selling your home, contact us, we’ll discuss your situation and put together a marketing plan that fits your home perfectly.

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