united_states  In 2007, we saw the historically high US housing bubble finally pop. From that point we watched home priced drop till they finally hit rock bottom in 2012.  Once the bottom was established buyers came running, hoping to capitalize on the low prices; causing prices to shoot up over the last few years.

_Now home prices have now leveled off, only rising slightly over the last six months.  This is in large part due to home owners being willing to sell again, which increases the supply of homes on the market.  We’re also seeing the number of investment properties purchased decreasing as prices continue to rise, which lowers demand and contributes to the market leveling out.

_Interest rates are still extremely low historically speaking.  Right now a buyer with good credit can get a 30-year loan with an interest rate below four percent. That is almost half of the average interest rate over the last forty years and can end up saving buyers a lot of money.

_Today’s market in Orange County is considered by many to be a healthy market.  Buyer demand and seller supply are fairly equal. This is a good thing for both buyers and sellers.  Buyers have a lot of home options to choose from and can get exactly what they are looking for.  While sellers can expect to get a fair price on the sale of their home while still selling it in a reasonable amount of time.  Our guess is the market will continue to rise at a slow, steady pace for the next three to five years.  Please understand we can only speculate and give our professional opinion.



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